Added value

Anthelex SalaCustomer Focus

Anthelex International raises specifically focused services to its customers. The versatility and flexibility of its human resources, its horizontal structure and high degree of dialogue allow a fast, effective and efficient response, with a high level of qualification.



Anthelex International has a group of qualified and experienced professionals in different disciplines of corporate management.

Together with experts in obtaining techniques of national/international and external/ internal critical information for companies, we have specialists in analysing information on the different nature and ad hoc reporting to senior management.

Among the main disciplines of specialisation, we include those related to commercial, financial sector, corporate compliance, forensic, intelligence and crisis management.


Database Technology

We have the knowledge and have full access –local and international– to commercial registers as well as highly qualified business, market research and target industry databases, in the following fields: Commercial, financial, legal and regulatory, compliance, political and social, security, industrial property, media, etc.

We also have tools and use multilingual techniques to identify, collect and analyse connections between different nature data which facilitate our studies and research activity.


Global Scope

Globalisation effects, new technology development, diversification of business areas and new markets opening have had very positive consequences for Spanish business stakeholders.

Therefore, Anthelex International operates not only in Spain but supports overseas to companies in their increasingly, complex and risky process of internationalisation in which they are involved.

With extensive experience in gathering information where there are no accessible records, Anthelex International has worked in all continents with the support of an important network generated after a long time gathering external professional collaborators with different profiles, experts in various industries.

Additionally, Anthelex International provides services to foreign companies seeking to implant or are already operating in Spain, Latin America or any other country in which they are settled.