Markets Entry

Entrada en mercadosInternationalisation has allowed the sustainability of a large number of domestic companies. However, in other cases, ignorance of the destination country or market investing in such fundamental aspects as economic, regulatory, reputational, customs, political, social and even cultural have led to a considerable loss in made investments.

Anthelex International assists its clients in the entrance to emerging markets and those particularly complex through the interaction of its M&A and analysis of the environment services, which include, for example:

  • Companies’ environmental risks analysis, industry, product or service and benchmarking
  • Geopolitical risks audit
  • Identification of key industry institutions with influence at commercial level and assistance in the analysis of economic-financial, legal, commercial, operational and technological risks, to encourage the expansion of a company in a geographic area

Also, Anthelex International offers to its customers a complete and elaborated tailor-made Risk-Country (or Region) Report in which, minutely, are detailed and analysed “game rules”, and factors that may affect its business in a country or area.