Customer Focused

Anthelex International is characterized by the versatility and flexibility of its human resources focused on our customers.


Team of qualified and experienced professionals in different disciplines of corporate management and information mining.

Database Technology

We have latest technological tools for data collection and analysis.

Global Scope

We support companies all around the world in the increasingly numerous, complex and risky process of internationalization.

About us

Anthelex International is the first Spanish quality reference in business intelligence consultancy with global scope.
We provide varied services in Spain and around the world always with the sector’s most qualified professionals and best information. Our extensive experience supports us.


  • Knowing well with whom we do business is critical
  • Improving good practices is differential
  • Understanding risks and regulatory environment is decisive
  • Anticipating and understanding their movements is determining
  • Detecting and preventing internal fraud is essential
  • Advising on security, uses and customs is necessary


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